Larry David's Daughters Better Have Perfect Teeth (Video)



…Because his fixation on oral hygiene cost him his marriage. In an interview with Conan this week, Larry David said that his addiction to dental floss is probably what ruined his marriage with Laurie Lennard.

“I’m obsessed with oral hygiene. I floss constantly and she was really getting quite tired of it. I would floss in front of her and she’d be like, ‘Don’t floss in front of me anymore.’ I was like, ‘Oh, OK.’ And I’m like, ‘Tongue scraping, would that be OK?’ Then we went out for dinner, she went to the bathroom and I tried to sneak a floss in. She caught me mid-floss. And that was it.”

Seriously, I wonder if that’s the explanation he gave to his daughters Cazzie, 14, and Romy, 12. If so, I really hope he was able to impart just how important dental hygiene really is to the David family.

Larry and Laurie now have joint custody of their daughters, and apparently they’re able keep things pretty amicable. They even ate meals together as a family after the divorce.

If Larry were to bust out a toothpick after the meal though… there’d probably be an altercation.