UPDATED: Larry King's Infidelity: How Will This Affect The Kids?


Update: Shawn’s sister Shannon Engeman has responded to allegations she has been having an affair with Larry King saying: “This is so ludicrous. I did not have an affair with Larry. He’s been like a father to me.She’s singling me out, but Larry has been nothing but generous to our entire family.”

Shawn does not believe her and has been leaving Shannon “threatening messages.”

Original: Larry King’s divorce from Shawn Southwick is getting ugly fast. You’d think by his 8th time he’d be a pro at making a smooth exit.

But then again you wouldn’t  think a man his age would have his kind of libido…allegedly. According to reports, Shawn pulled the plug on their marriage because she belives he was cheating on her with

her sister, Shannon Engemann! For five years!

Larry bought expensive gifts for her including a $160,000 car and gifts from Cartier using his credit card. When Shawn saw the statements and never saw a necklace she knew, says TMZ.

It gets worse though. They were also seen “punching each other.”

The couple has two kids together, Chance and Cannon who are 11 and 9, and Larry is concerned about keeping joint custody. We’ll have to see how things play out in court, but if the allegations he cheated with Shawn’s sister are true, the kids may get a double whammy and lose both their dad and their aunt.