Larry King Last Show: Sad So Long (Video)

Larry King the Last Show
Larry King the Last Show

The last Larry King Live show Thursday offered a slew of guests, including Bill Maher, Ryan Seacrest, Regis Philbin, Suze Orman, Donald Trump and Katie Couric.

President Obama delivered a taped message, and former President Clinton appeared via remote from Little Rock, Arkansas on Larry King the Last Show.

Larry King interviewed hundreds of celebrity guests over 25 years.  The low-key sendoff of Larry King was sad.  Statements from celebrities and tweets from viewers rolling across the bottom of the screen did little to lighten the mood. Joan Rivers noted “how sad” King’s departure was and more than one tweeter noted “it won’t be the same without you”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was also a guest, declaring Thursday “Larry King Day”

Regis Philbin prompted Larry to sing along with him to a favorite Frank Sinatra song but poor Larry couldn’t remember the lyrics!  Watch the video below.

During the show, King thanked his audience for watching and promised not to stay out of the spotlight.

“I’m going to go on and do a lot of other things,” including specials on CNN as well as doing some radio work. He also recently said he is planning a comedy tour.

“You’re not going to see me go away, but you’re not going to see me on this set anymore. … I don’t know what to say except to you, my audience, thank you, and instead of goodbye, how about so long?” King said.

King announced his departure over the summer. Piers Morgan will take over his 9 p.m. slot starting in January.