Larry King Has Over 2.2 Million Viewers for Final Show


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Larry King Last Show

Larry King had over 2.2 million viewers for his final show. More than 2.2 million viewers tuned in to watch the final CNN show of Larry King Live on Thursday night.

The large audience for Larry King’s final show was a fitting send off for one of the icons of TV. It was the end of an era with Larry King signing off the air. Larry King is retiring the same month Oprah wraps up her final show, and Barbara Walters retires. Larry King, Oprah and Barbara Walter were the main three who competed for all of the best celebrity and political interviews. Barbara Walters called King “Her main competition”.

Having 2.2 million viewers for Larry King’s final show might not seem like a large audience but to give you some perspective, the audience increased more than 100% compared to the previous night.  The final Larry King Live beat Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity, the “King” of 9 p.m. cable news!  Hannity had  2.1 million viewers Thursday night.