Larry King Scraps Divorce Plans, Moves Home


Larry King and Shawn Southwick have put their divorce plans on the back burner and have resolved to give their marriage another shot.

King’s spokesman, Howard Rubenstein, told the New York Daily News that King and Southwick have resolved their issues and King is moving back into the home he shares with Southwick and their two sons, Cannon and Chance.

The move caps a wild month, in which King and Southwick each filed petitions for divorce, with Southwick accusing King of having an affair with her sister, Sharon Engemann, and King alleging Southwick was having an affair with their son’s little league coach. But now, they’re singing a different tune.

“We owe it to ourselves and our children to continue being dedicated to each other,” King and Southwick said in a joint statement last night.

Well, I’d agree they owe something to their children. But since their kids are old enough to read and to Google, I’m thinking its going to take a lot more than a joint statement and a move home to make it up to them. Nonetheless, Engemann has now come out and explained that the whole things was just one big misunderstanding.

“Shawn and I spoke, and we’re getting along great. We love each other very much. She’s very clear on everything now.”

Well, okay. I suppose that makes one of us.