Laughing Baby - He Wouldn't Laugh On The Today Show! See It Here


laughing baby micah ripping paper viral video 300x225 Laughing Baby Video: Watch Baby Micah Laugh at Ripping Paper!We’ve all seen the super cute video of Micah McArthur, the “laughing baby” who has become an overnight Internet sensation. If you missed it, you can check out the video here.  Micah new found stardom came from a YouTube video of him belly laughing at his father who rips up paper in front of him.

On Friday, Micah and his parents appeared on the Today show, and the gang tried to get little Micah to laugh again.

Micah’s father, Marcus, told Matt Lauer that even though his son had laughed hysterically at the paper trick the first time around, Micah’s reaction to it now is “hit and miss.” Lauer had paper ready to rip, but Micah was really not interested.

Lauer tried again. This time there was a little smile from Micha as Lauer gave him a fake sneeze. A smile, but no laughter. Even as Micah watched himself on the video, he was more interested in sucking his thumb than laughing.

 “We’ve finally found someone to laugh at Meredith’s jokes,” Lauer said…but still, no laughter!

Check out the Today show video interview with Micah and his parents below.

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