Laughing Baby Today Show (Video): Twitter Celeb Makes Laughing Baby Famous

lauging baby micah today show video
Laughing baby Today show video

Watch the laughing baby Today show video to learn more about baby Micah, featured in the laughing baby YouTube viral video.

Why did the laughing baby video go viral?

It all came to be when the dad was ripping up a job rejection letter and the baby was hysterically laughing over the ripping paper. Kind of cool that dad captured it all on video – ohmygosh, that laugh is too cute!

It was celebrity Alyssa Milano who took the laughing baby video to the next level once she took to Twitter with a link to the adorable baby, a viral video sensation was born!

The dad explained they had never done the paper ripping thing before and he recorded the laughing baby video for mom, who was at work.

Matt Lauer even pulls out his tricks to get the baby to giggle… trying to rip up a sheet and faking a sneeze… not a huge reaction though!