Laughing Baby Video: Watch Baby Micah Laugh at Ripping Paper!

lauging baby micah ripping paper viral video
Watch laughing baby ripping paper viral video

Have you watched the laughing baby video? If you’re in need of a laugh, look no further than Baby Micah, whose hearty belly laugh over ripping paper is the latest viral video sensation.

And the family of that adorable baby has none other than Alyssa Milano to thank for making the laughing baby ripping paper video such a hit.

Alyssa Milano posted a link to the video on Twitter on February 25. Her tweet about the laughing baby video: “If this video doesn’t make you smile, check your pulse.”

The MacArthur family uploaded the baby laughing video to YouTube about five weeks ago.

The power of a little celebrity push!

Watch laughing baby Micah, reacting to the ripping paper (video) laughter is the best medicine!