Lauryn Hill Pregnant: Who is Rohan Marley, the Father of Her 6 Kids?


Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley


Over the weekend songstress Lauryn Hill announced that she was pregnant with her sixth child trying to prove that yes, she is the “most fertile woman in America.”  So who is her baby daddy? The man who has fathered all six of her kids?  Meet Rohan Marley, who has kept her very very busy.

Rohan Anthony Marley was born on May 19th, 1972 (he’s 39 now) and is the son of the one and only legendary Reggae super star Bob Marley. His mother is Janet Hunt.  Rohan grew up in Miami and went on to play football at the University of Miami where he was a linebacker.  His teammates included Dwayne Johnson and Ray Lewis.  After college he went pro and played football in Canada for a team called the Ottawa Rough Riders (who aren’t around anymore).

After football he co-founded the clothing company Tuff Gong.  And he also co-founded a organic coffee plantation in the Blue Mountains in Jamaica called Marley Coffee.

While in college he married his girlfriend Geraldine Khawly and he had two children with her, a daughter named Eden and a son named Nicolas. Lauryn and Rohan met in 1996, when Rohan was still married and it’s been reported that he still may be married to his first wife. Although Lauryn has referred to Rohan as her husband, there is speculation that they aren’t actually married (and seeing that he could still be married to his first wife…well that would complicate matters. And now? Rohan will soon be welcoming his 8th child into the world!

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