Lauryn Hill's Baby Bump - How Could We Have Missed It? (Video)

lauryn hill
Lauryn Hill Pregnant with 6th Child!

When Lauryn Hill announced that she was expecting her sixth child yesterday it shouldn’t have been a big surprise to anyone.  Somehow we all missed the fact that she was sporting quite the baby bump during an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon a few weeks ago.  There it is on the video of her appearance to pay tribute to Bob Marley hidden somewhere underneath her brightly patterned mu-mu and abundance of accessories.

Lauryn even made the mistake of rubbing her baby bump at the end of her performance of Could You Be Loved on May 12.   She even caught herself rubbing the bump and quickly moved her hand away!

Maybe it was the stellar performance?  Or maybe it was all the bright colors and distracting accessories that diverted our attention?  Either way Lauryn’s baby bump seems to be the worst kept secret on TV.

Check out the video of the performance below….

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