Lawrence of Arabia: A Classic That is Very Modern Day. Why?


The Middle East is midst of significant change. From the rebel uprising in Tunisia, to the revolution in Egypt, to the recent chaos in the streets of Libya. The part of the world is in a great deal of flux. And for those who are film buffs, there is one film that comes to mind during these tremendously tenuous times  – the classic film Lawrence of Arabia. Why?

The epic tale starred Peter O’Toole and was released in 1962. It tells the story of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence who was known for his liaison role during the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Turkish rule that was happening during 1916 to 1918. This film is our pop culture touchstone to revolutions in Arab Nations, and in it’s essence is very modern even though it took place almost one hundred years ago.

I bet Lawrence of Arabia is making it to the top of the cue for many a NetFlix subscriber.

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