Lawsuit Claims Britney Spears Beats Sons, Has Intimate Relations in Front of Them


Britney Spears fitness secrets for a fit bikini bodyA lawsuit is about to be filed against mother of two Britney Spears that contains shocking claims, including that Spears has beaten her children with belts, purposely fed them food to which they are allergic, refused medical care for them when sick and that she had intimate relations while they were nearby. The person suing is a former bodyguard, so could it be a case of a disgruntled employee? Following are excepts from the lawsuit:

–“Plaintiff perceived, during security checks of the perimeter, Defendant loudly having sexual relations while her two children were in the suite with her.”

–After asking for his belt, “Defendant Spears immediately ran back towards her house screaming ‘Preston’ She entered the residence through two French doors on the north side. Plaintiff exited the pool house, hearing Sean Preston screaming in terror and pain, and saw Defendant Spears at least twice savagely hitting the small child with Plaintiff’s belt.”

–After feeding them seafood to which they are allergic: “When both boys started vomiting, Defendant Spears explicitly prevented Plaintiff and the children’s nanny from seeking medical care for the children.”

The suit also claims Spears harassed the bodyguard, exposed herself, made unwanted advances toward him and told her sons their “mommy was white trash.” I think we’ll have to take this with a grain of salt until Spears’ camp formerly responds. The guard says he suffered emotional trauma due to these incidents. One has to wonder if it’s true why he didn’t call the authorities. Who knows if this is about wanting money or a legitimate claim. Stay tuned…