Lea Michele Cosmo Cover: Hot or Offensive?

lea michele cosmo cover cleavage neckline
Lea Michele Cosmo cover offensive?

Oops… Glee star Lea Michele has another controversial magazine cover, this time her too hot Cosmo cover has parents pretty upset.

On the Cosmo cover, Lea Michele is pictured in a sexy shot that shows a VERY wide and plunging neckline.

One mother is claiming that her 12 year old son was “confused and offended” by the magazine cover of Lea Michele, featured with a headline that promises to expose her “naughty secrets.”

Cosmo publisher Hearst responded to the complaint by saying, “Michele is a grown woman and Cosmopolitan is a magazine for adults.”

What do you make of Lea Michele’s cover? I’m not so much offended as just not digging that neckline it’s just weird, right?