Leann Rimes Admits That Brandi Glanvilles Kids Were Her "Birth Control"


99955PCN_Rimes02About ten years ago, before I had three blogs, two children, and one husband to take care of everyday, I stayed a summer with my relatives in Europe and got to experience a little bit of farm life while taking care of my toddler cousins. I was 22 at the time and was allergic to the thought of having my own children — and with my incredibly rambunctious cousins from toddler hell around me (and that’s putting it lightly!), I too, considered them to be a form of birth control, LOL.

So when Leann Rimes recently called her own two stepsons her personal birth control, I couldn’t help but chuckle. Here’s what she says and how she isn’t ruling out children for the future:

“We talk about having kids all the time and I would love to, but it’s gonna be a second. I’m still young and fertile — it’s all good!” 

“I was just with the kids for the last two days taking care of them on my own, and trust me . . . I have a newfound respect for working moms who do it all by themselves,” Rimes added about caring for the boys. “It was my birth control for a little bit — so overwhelming!” 

Let’s face it, we’ve all had that thought about kids at least once during our younger years, right? OK, maybe not everybody, but I’m sure a good number of you did laugh about this, too! Plus, there is no doubt that Leann loves her stepsons. We see evidence of it almost all the time on Twitter.

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