LeAnn Rimes Denies Engagement Rumors

LeAnn Rimes
LeAnn Rimes denies engagement rumors

LeAnn Rimes  presented the first award of the evening at last night’s CMA’s the Single of the Year to Lady Antebellum, and missing from her left hand was any noticeable bling at least of the engagement ring kind!

And Rimes would like everyone to know that she is definitely not engaged! According to US, the singer told The Tennessean that ‘its insanity’ that people are claiming that she and Eddie Cibrian are engaged!

“I don’t know how many times I have to say it. I say ‘no’ and people think we are and I’m just not admitting it.”
Rimes was initially just ignoring the rumor, but then decided to outright deny it since her mom started calling her asking if they were indeed engaged and LeAnn just didn’t tell her!

I have a feeling that will all the animosity between LeAnn and Eddie’s ex-wife, she probably enjoyed the rumors, just a little bit. I tend to believe her because LeAnn has been so ‘in your face’ about her relationship with Eddie that I don’t think it’s something that she would keep a secret if it really did happen. I fully expect there to be an entire PEOPLE magazine cover with her and Eddie and her flashing her ring when and if they get engaged.

What do you think?

Photo by PCN