Leann Rimes Divorce Final, Tweets About Still-Married Boyfriend and His Kids


Leann Rimes’ divorce from husband of eight years Dean Sheremet became final on June 19, and with no sense of irony, she posted the following tweets on June 20:

4:24 pm: Just finished lunch w/ Eddie, the kids and his mom and dad. It’s a beautiful day in Laguna Beach! Going home to pack to head to Nashville.

8:28 pm: It makes me sad that the media once again can take something as personal as a divorce and make it a top news story. It’s hard enough.

See now, Leann,  if you’re going to CONSTANTLY use Twitter to discuss your married boyfriend (Eddie Cibrian) and his children, the media MIGHT NOT TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY  that coverage of the affair and the subsequent divorces bother you.  If you want privacy, fine. But you apparently don’t. Otherwise, you wouldn’t discuss your personal life in a public forum at every opportunity. Can’t have  it both ways, sweetheart.