LeAnn Rimes' Ex Was "Content and Satisfied" With Marriage


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Dean Sheremet and LeAnn Rimes at the 43rd Academy Of Country Music Awards

Dean Sheremet is firing back at his ex-wife LeAnn Rimes who recently alluded to young age as the reason their seven year marriage didn’t last.

“Age had very little to do with why we got divorced,” he said. “I was very content and satisfied. I put myself on hold to funnel all my creative energy into her career and our marriage. I was willing to make the sacrifices necessary to have a successful marriage and further her career. I knew, and know, her better than anyone in this world.”

When news broke that Rimes, 28, had an affair with Eddie Cibrian while shooting a Lifetime movie last year, Sheremet says, “I was blindsided and shocked that she of all people would do this to the closest person in her life.”

Sheremet is now living with photographer girlfriend Sarah Silver in NYC. “I am happy now,” Sheremet says. “Sarah is amazing, and I didn’t realize what I was missing and how much of myself was being neglected. I am very fulfilled in my life and work. It’s a grounding feeling.”