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LeAnn Rimes & Her Boyfriend's Ex-Wife In Twitter War Over The Kids

By Mara Siegler |

Country star LeAnn Rimes is currently dating Eddie Cibrian and has gotten very close with his sons Mason, 6, and Jake, 3.

Their mom and Eddie’s ex-wife Brandi Glanville is none too happy about it. Not only is she upset that LeAnn is acting like she’s the boys mother, Brandi feels that all of LeAnn’s tweets about her children are just meant to rub the situation in her face reports In Touch.

For example, On April 24, LeAnn tweeted: ‘Pile of cute lil and big boys in bed having a ticklefest this morning! About to eat breakfast in bed too. We’re not moving til we have to!”

Ouch, right? While LeAnn is prefectly within her right to tweet whatever she wants it’s gotta be hard to for an ex and mom to read that.

Brandi has tweeted back when things have really gotten to her. During a dispute over how her son Jake would spend his birthday she took to the social networking site to say: “Jake’s my son, not LeAnn’s.”

How do you think the pair should handle things?  I think they should both stop tweeting, but is there more to it than that?


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0 thoughts on “LeAnn Rimes & Her Boyfriend's Ex-Wife In Twitter War Over The Kids

  1. Lovin LeAnn says:

    Brandi ought to be happy LeAnn is warm and caring toward those boys. Brandi should get a life! It’s overdue! Worry not Brandi LeLe does not want YOUR boys. She has a life.

  2. jk says:

    Leanne should not be tweeting about children who are not hers. There should be no photo ops either. They are innocents in this mess and Brandi has every right to complain as the parent.

  3. me says:

    their are both wrong

  4. Cynthia says:

    The ex should be happy that the kids are with someone who cares about them and that they like being around. I truly don’t believe that LeAnn is taunting her, she just knows her fans like to hear what’s going on in her life.

  5. gwen says:

    cynthia/lovin leann(aka cbme) You also believe that it’s okay to sleep with a married man if you think that this marriage is btoken down. LR is taunting BG. Leann doesn’t have any fans, hence why she has to send her pr person to pose as fans on all these sites. Oh please, those kids are not Leann’s and BG does not owe LR a thing. Since EC was complaining about not having privacy in his Parade interview, then LR has not right to tweet about her kids. Didn’t EC say that he was going to protect his kids from the nature of tabloids? So how is this man protecting his kids when he is allowing his mistress to put his kids in dange by constantly tweeting about them. Tweeting about another woman’s kids is creepy and the public knows that LEANN is just doing it because she wants BG life. If Leann had a life, she wouldn’t constantly be tweeting about another woman’s kids or using those kids to promote her album or concerts.

  6. gwen says:

    Leann is not in her right to tweet about whatever she likes, especially since her “boyfriend” is giving interviews where he whines about how he can’t get any privacy. Well wouldn’t the first step of getting privacy be telling his mistress to stop talking about his kids and then telling every detail of their private life? Leann has stalked this woman and even went so far as to open a twitter page to stalk this woman, yet you want to depict BG as the bad guy? Why is LR even twittering about another woman’s kids in the first place? To taunt EC WIFE.

  7. gwen says:

    Wait, did you see LR tweet? She says that EC kids are in bed with her and EC. Now how in the world is that appropriate? What needs to be done? LR needs to stop tweeting about kids that do not belong to her and stop trying to model her life after EC WIFE. Why would a woman even go so far as to even write how she is in bed with another woman’s kids? That is not normal, so BG is right LR is in the wrong.

  8. gwen says:

    Leann is talking about being in bed with another woman’s kids and you don’t see the problem? It sounds like Leann is very insecure, why else would she even bring up the fact that she was in bed with another woman’s husband and kids? Didn’t Eddie say that he was protecting his kids from the nature of tabloids, so how is he protecting his kids when he is allowing Leann to talk about how she is sharing a bed with his kids? Didn’t Eddie say that it’s not conducive to play out anything in the public eye at all, so then why is he even allowing it to get out that his kids are sharing a bed with him and his mistress? Didn’t this guy whine about how horrible his life is because he can’t get any privacy, yet the whole world knows that he is allowing his kids to sleep with him and his mistress. Seriously, the problem is Leann and Eddie. That was very sick of Leann to even say what she said and it is clear as day that she only did it because Leann thinks that she is in competion with EC wife.

  9. [...] now, Leann,  if you’re going to CONSTANTLY use Twitter to discuss your married boyfriend (Eddie Cibrian) and his children, the media MIGHT NOT TAKE YOU [...]

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