LeAnn Rimes Tweets "Daddy And Son" Photos Of Eddie Cibrian And His Boys On Twitter (Photos)

Eddie and Mason Cibrian

LeAnn Rimes she does love to share, doesn’t she? The celebrity step-mom and former chart topper recently shared a few new pictures of her husband Eddie Cibrian and his two sons, Mason and Jake, on Twitter for her fans.

While we don’t get to see the boys’ faces in these pics, they are adorable photos of Eddie walking on the beach with Mason and another one of all three boys getting the fireplace ready before they probably snuggled up as a family. Ahh, you gotta love cold weather moments like that one, right?

Meanwhile, the kids’ mom Brandi Glanville is none too pleased about Leann tweeting that the boys are “hers” and has reignited another Twitter war with her ex-husband’s wife. Sheesh, ladies. While I totally understand where Brandi is coming from, I think it’s about time to let this go, no? As long as the boys are happy and healthy, that’s all that should matter.

Take a look at our photos below (including some Twitpics from Brandi) and let us know what you think!

  • Firing it Up For Their Stepmom! 1 of 5
    Firing it Up For Their Stepmom!
    Light my fire, baby! Eddie and his boys get the fireplace going for Leann.
    Photo via Twitter
  • A Walk on the Beach 2 of 5
    A Walk on the Beach
    This picture is so gorgeous of Eddie walking on the beach with his son Mason.
    Photo via Twitter
  • Cute? 3 of 5
    Ok, I might be alone in admitting this, but Eddie does look pretty cute here. It's those dimples! Ok, I'm done. LOL.
    Photo via Twitter
  • Brothers 4 of 5
    Crazy in the 916, YO! Brandi recently took her boys to visit her family outside of Sacramento, Calif.
    Photo via Twitter
  • Cousins 5 of 5
    Here are Mason and Jake spending quality time with their Glanville cousins!
    Photo via Twitter

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