LeBron James Decides! And Will His Family Be Feeling The Heat?


There has been so, so, so much attention to LeBron James over the last couple of days. Everyone here, there and especially in Ohio, New York and Miami were making their guesses on where he would play. But on Thursday, LeBron announced at the Boys and Girls Club where he would next be playing. He told ESPN that “I think I decided this morning…I woke up and had a great conversation with my mom and it was set. ” He said he realized he had to do what was “best for you and your family and what you need to do to be happy.”

He said the Major reason he said he is leaving is to win. And his decision is that this  Fall….he’ll go to the Miami Heat!

He’s said he loves Akron. And that he’ll always live there. But in Miami, the team reportedly practices on an island off the coast, so he’ll be spending lots of time. So it would make sense, especially since it’s a five year deal, that he move the family from Ohio to the heat of Florida, at least for a chunk of the time. The kids will have a whole new life. None of those cold, cold Ohio winters. And the beach life will surely be a culture shock to the kids. But best of all, they’ll be closer to all the fun kid stuff that you know they’ll take advantage of like Disney World, Universal Studio Park, the new Harry Potter Park and really, so much more. And they probably wouldn’t want to show their faces at school after their daddy left the home state team.

Photo: INF