LeBron James: Good Example For Kids?


Alright, he’s a great basketball player. Better than great: LeBron James is in a unique league of those extremely-talented, prodigy-type players that only come around once in a while. And he knows it. Even before he secured a one-hour spot on ESPN last night to announce one simple decision–where he will be playing next season (Miami Heat)–media hype was surrounding him, and he indulged in every bit of it.

But is he taking his own fame a little too seriously? We have to wonder if he’s ever heard of modesty. compared James to the basketball superstar of our time, Michael Jordan, and Jordan’s ultimate grace as a major celebrity. While James deemed himself “King James” and refers to himself as a brand, Jordan never seemed to acknowledge his own impact and fame in such an obvious–and pretty narcissistic way.

During Jordan’s glory days, kids looked up to him, and for good reason. He was a perfect example of someone who was incredibly talented, completely in the limelight, and modest enough to not parade himself around as the best in the biz. Surely, kids all over America are now idolizing James–but is he really such a good role model?

Sure, he’s a great example of what amazing things you can accomplish if you try hard and follow your dreams. But he’s not exactly the picture of modesty, and he may be showing kids what they don’t need to see: how to paint themselves as better than their peers.

Now that he’s in the public eye even more–if that’s possible–should he try to mature a bit and take on an air of grace and modesty? It wouldn’t hurt–for the kids’ sake, at least.


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