LeBron James' Larry King Interview: Pictures Speak Louder than Words


lebron james larry king interviewLeBron James taped his Larry King interview today, set to air this Friday. Superfans eager to hear if James will be staying with the Cavaliers may be greatly disappointed. He said little definite on the issue, and even his assertion that Cleveland has a bit of an edge when it comes to his future sounded weak. 

But if his words were watered down, the images on screen are anything but. The interview was conducted at the home outside Akron, Ohio, where LeBron James lives with his two kids and their mom, his longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson.

Photos of the spread are available at And it’s beyond impressive. Sure, he’s a superstar. But he’s also a father. And his place is a paradise for children. In addition to the on-site basketball court (natch), swimming pool, and hot tub, in the background of the first photo shot on the court (at the link above), you get a glimpse of an awesome playground set. 

As for whether his kids have a say on where he moves for his career, James told King, “Well, the kids got all the say. I mean, I think they — they’re going to support what decision I make. You know, of course, they have a say, but, you know, they feel like, to this point, I’ve been able to might — make the right decision in my career, and they’re going to support whatever I do.”