LeBron James Responds To Rumor His Mom Is Having An Affair With His Teammate


Yesterday we reported on the latest news in basketball, a topic we don’t usually cover here on Famecrawler. However, this was less about dribbling and more about, um..scoring. A rumor has been setting the Internet on fire that LeBron James’ mother Gloria is having an affair with his teammate Delonte West.

Super scandalous.

No parties had spoken up until now. The Cleveland Cavaliers’ attorney has sent a cease and desist email to the web site, the sports blog that first reported the story.

The email calls the report “categorically false and per se defamatory. No thinking person could possibly believe such rubbish.”

Terezowens doesn’t buy it.  “We think it’s a little fishy that they waited almost 4 days to fire this off,” they told TMZ and are standing by their source.

Most people were hesitant to believe the rumor and felt it was being used as a way to try and explain the Cav’s playoff loss to the Boston Celtics.  The theory was that LeBron discovered Delonte and his mom before the game. This seems like a huge under-reaction though if true.  I have a feeling finding out something like that would have resulted in more than just a few missed shots by LeBron.


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