Lebron James New Nike Commercial: I Am Not A Role Model


Lebron James has a new Nike ad called “Rise” that responds to the hatred felt towards him by everyone but people living in Miami. It’s a good commercial in that it is well shot and conceptually solid, but everything else about it is infuriating. As someone raised in Cleveland, Ohio I just want an apology. I want a big thanks to come out of his mouth towards the city that cradled and lauded him as King. But instead, he just keeps on shoving it back in our and everyone elses face.

In the new commerical he asks ‘What should I do?” repeatedly. The bottom line message is that he is “not a role model,” and that he can not be what anyone else wants him to be. He has to be himself. Which fine, great, but does yourself have to be such an egomaniacal (insert censored word)? It’s not his  decision that was upsetting, he needs to make a career and live his life. It was the way he handled making ‘The Decision,’ that’s made everyone angry.

Take a look: What do you think? Am I bitter or is this pretty obnoxious?