Lebron James Twitter Scandal: Should Celebs Rethink Having Twitter Accounts?

LeBron James twitter
Should Lebron James reconsider having a twitter account?

Lebron James wasn’t shy about tweeting his feelings about his old team. You could even say Lebron James had a twitter rant.  Sure, he’s just being honest about how he feels and it’s probably no surprise to those who read his tweets.

But, twitter makes it so easy for everyone to share their feelings with the world, the exact moment they are feeling them. While it’s a great way to connect with others, has twitter made it too easy to connect? Should some celebs rethink having a twitter account?

It just takes a minute to tweet out something that you may regret. Or something that will be taken in the wrong way. We’ve all probably been guilty of doing this if we’re on twitter.  But, when you are a celeb, everything you say is examined much more closely. Even if they regret it and delete it, it’s probably already been retweeted or there are screen captures out there.

So, while many celebs have twitter accounts, if they can’t think before they tweet, they might want to delete their accounts. Or have someone else handle their twitter account for them.

Photo: PRPhotos