Lee Westwood: Move Over Tiger Woods Theres a New (and Better) Golf Role Model in Town


Tiger Woods Lee Westwood

As role models go, Tiger Woods is a pretty bad one. Before the fire storm- that was the discovery of Tiger Woods’ many infidelities – caught fire, he was the go-to golf hero. Tiger was idolized by both young and old. But the secret scandalous life that he was leading off the greens made parents rethink their children’s admiration for Tiger. Many, no doubt, gave thought of trying to steer their young impressionable kid’s to a different kind of golf hero. And now there’s one that is far more family friendly, Lee Westwood.

Lee Westwood is a family man, he has two children with his wife Laurae,  Samuel Bevan (age 9) and Poppy Grave (age 6). He also opted to take a “significant break” from the business of gold after the birth of his son Samuel.

And it’s not just his kids that he cares about, he also cares about other people children, or at least their swing. He recently opened the Lee Westwood Academy, a golf school that will teach young golfers the details of the game.

And not only does it appear that he’s a winner in the moral department, he was on the winner team that won the Ryder Cup, with Europe finally winning after fierce competition from the U.S. team.

Let’s just hope that there aren’t any skeletons in his closet!

You can read more about Lee Westwood here.

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