Leelee Sobieski: My Baby is Really Fascinating to Me


You might remember Leelee Sobieski from her years as a very successful teen actress. By the age of 17, she was starring in movies with accomplished acting vets like Drew Barrymore and Tom Cruise, and seamlessly transitioning back and forth between drama and comedy. And unlike many of her peers, the 27-year-old avoided falling into the “child actor” trap, rarely seen out partying, let alone facing jail time.

Instead, the Emmy-nominated star slipped out of the spotlight to become a mom. Her 9-month-old daughter, Louisanna (aka Lewi), with fiance Adam Kimmel, is now the main attraction in Leelee’s life. “My baby is really fascinating to me,” Sobieski says in this week’s People magazine, adding that she spends her time teaching her daughter new things in their New York City apartment instead of going on auditions.

But has Sobieski given up acting for good?

No, she says. “I want to figure out the right balance,” she tells People. And with a recent guest spot on Lifetime’s hit series Drop Dead Diva, we think she’s on the right track!

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