LeeLee Sobieski's Pregnancy Cravings



Actress LeeLee Sobieski is expecting her first child with fiance Adam Kimmel, and being pregnant usually means cravings.  What is the first-time mom-to-be eating, or not eating?

LeeLee is definitely cutting back on ice cream.  She said, “I eat less ice cream than I ever did because the baby takes up so much space.”

She admits her cravings are more for kid foods.  “Ginger is really good.  I know of want ginger to settle the stomach sometimes and then macaroni and cheese.  I kind of like little kid food.  I think I like eating what little kids eat.”

LeeLee is also working out with a personal trainer to stay fit during her pregnancy.

“But I’m keeping it nice and low, like nice long walks along the Hudson River.”