Leonardo Dicaprio To Get 5 Million For One Commercial!?!


According to a report by E! News, Leonardo DiCaprio is going to make himself $5 million richer very easily…by starring in one commercial.

Seems that DiCaprio has agreed to shoot a TV commercial for a Chinese cell phone company, Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp. The commercial is scheduled to be shot in April, but won’t run in Asia until later this year.

Although this isn’t his first big endorsement, he’s also appeared in ads for watch-maker Tag Heuer and Suzuki, the $5 million payout is believed to be the most lucrative one-off endorsement deals to date for the star.

Is it true? Is he really going to make a $5 million paycheck for one commercial? We aren’t sure…when DiCaprio’s publicist was contacted to confirm the deal, he declined to comment.

What do you think about this deal? Is $5 million for one commercial crazy to anybody other than me?

Photo: PRPhotos