Let it Snow: Gorgeous Photos From Celebrities of Nor'easter

Snow Fall

The Nor’easter was not what the Eastern states like New York and New Jersey needed right about now. These states are still reeling from the damage done by Hurricane Sandy. But Mother Nature waits for no man (or celebrity in this case) to be fully prepared. If she wants to rain, thunder or shake the earth, she’s going to do it. On Wednesday, the snow began to fall in New York, New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania and Connecticut and lots of it, up to 5.5 inches.

It was a shock to many, for snow to be falling this early, especially so soon after Hurricane Sandy. Many who were struck by the snow fall were stars of movies and television and reality TV, and they snapped photos of the snowfall and shared their stunning photos on Twitter.

Check them out right here:

  • Denise Richards 1 of 7
    Denise Richards
    "Shooting in a snow storm"
    Source: Instagram
  • Denise Richards 2 of 7
    Denise Richards
    When the snow began to fall in New York state Denise wrote, "Here comes the snow"
    Source: Instagram
  • Kelly Bensimon 3 of 7
    Kelly Bensimon
    "It's snowing. Thinking of all the families dealing with destruction and now snow."
    Source: Twitter
  • Melissa Joan Hart 4 of 7
    Melissa Joan Hart
    "The blizzard has arrived and is blanketing the giant fallen tree #Sandy took down in our yard last week."
    Source: Instagram
  • Simon van Kempen 5 of 7
    Simon van Kempen
    He simply asked, "Who likes snow?"
    Source: Instagram
  • Jenelle Evans 6 of 7
    Jenelle Evans
    Teen Mom Jenelle Evans wrote, "Wowwwwww! Check out the weather here !!"
    Source: Twitter
  • Dina Manzo 7 of 7
    Dina Manzo
    "This is NOT what Jersey needs right now : /"
    Source: Instagram

Photos: Twitter

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