Let's Get Physical: Celeb Moms Dish on Their Favorite Workouts with Kids


Sure, running from television sets, to film screenings, to red carpet events keeps Hollywood’s favorite moms on their toes — but that doesn’t mean they don’t still find time to workout. And like us, these celebs know that lifting weights and trudging away on the treadmill can get a little stale. That’s why they thought outside-the-box … er, gym … to find fresh, new ways to get their exercise on with their kids. So which celeb mom does yoga with her toddler? Or hits the trampoline with her kids? Or goes on scavenger hunt walks with her daughters? Find out that, and more of Hollywood moms’ favorite workouts with their kids, after the jump!

  • Candace Cameron-Bure 1 of 13
    Candace Cameron-Bure
    Bikes, tennis, rollerblading: nothing is off-limits for this former Full House star. Exercising six days a week with her three children and her NHL hubby Valeri Bure, Candace views healthy habits as one of a parent's prime responsibilities. "We can't solely rely on physical education in schools to make sure our kids are getting enough exercise," she told Parents Connect. "Some schools don't even have PE. As parents, it's our job to get our kids out and moving!"
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  • Samantha Harris 2 of 13
    Samantha Harris
    She's hip, she's hot, and she credits her slamming bod to yoga, a workout she does with her oldest daughter. "My 3-year-old daughter actually does a very good down dog," Harris told People in 2010. "... She knows [I] like to exercise and she knows what exercise is, and she's really great about helping out when she can." Whether Harris' one-year-old daughter will be hitting the mats hasn't been announced ... yet!
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  • Mia Hamm 3 of 13
    Mia Hamm
    Women's soccer star Hamm may be competitive on the field, but when it comes to encouraging her own girls to exercise, the soccer pro leaves rules out. To encourage her twin five-year-old daughters to get off their rumps, Hamm says that getting outside and tossing a ball around works. "Just going out there and participating with them, whether it's at the park or even in our backyard [encourages my children to exercise]," she told LilSugar in an interview. "Just throwing a ball or kicking a ball, but there's no structure to it. It's more of kind of watching and seeing them feel it out."
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  • Sarah Jessica Parker 4 of 13
    Sarah Jessica Parker
    For the Sex and the City star, her two-year-old twin daughters are the workout. "Well, honestly, my daughters insist on being carried at the exact same time," Parker stated on This Morning, a British morning radio program. "... They're like 25 pounds now, each."
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  • Michelle Obama 5 of 13
    Michelle Obama
    There's no doubt that the first lady can work it. What you may not know is that she encourages Sasha and Malia to dance along, too. In an interview with CNN, Michelle acknowledged that not everyone loves going to the gym. "Turning on the radio and dancing is a lot of fun. That's also something that I do with my girls. We dance around a lot." Obama is also determined to get other kids dancing — her Let's Move campaign focuses on encouraging physical activity and healthy eating habits nationwide.
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  • Heidi Klum 6 of 13
    Heidi Klum
    The Project Runway guru credits an unexpected exercise method for losing the 45 pounds of baby weight she gained with her last pregnancy — jumping! "I am mostly exercising when I play with the children," the hot mama of four told Hollywood Life reporters at an event to promote heart health awareness for women. "We have a gigantic trampoline in the garden and that was the best thing I ever bought. They get so much energy out and I do at the same time. I think when you are participating in your children's activities, it's fun for them."
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  • Jada Pinkett Smith 7 of 13
    Jada Pinkett Smith
    In the Smith household, working out is an extreme event. While the Matrix Reloaded and Hawthorne star told Shape magazine that all three of the couple's children work out with their parents, extreme sports is really where their passions lie. "[The kids] love to go to the gym with Will and me, but surfing and snowboarding is what we do together as a family for fun," she says.
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  • Liv Tyler 8 of 13
    Liv Tyler
    The Lord of the Rings lady likes to take exercise back to the old school by hula hooping with her son, Milo. "I put my favorite song on and stand outside and hula hoop in every direction until the song is over and I'm all out of breath," Tyler told the British media. "It's really fun." In a USA Today article, Tyler's trainer added even more support for hula hoop exercise by stating, "... it's something [Liv] can do with (her son) Milo, and she likes to move. It's not like doing bicep curls and crunches. They're effective and good for us, but they're boring. She wants to
    get outside."
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  • Natalie Portman 9 of 13
    Natalie Portman
    If the baby's too young for a real workout, just strap them in for the ride. Since giving birth last year, the Closer and Star Wars star has been spotted hiking with baby Aleph in tow. Prior to having a baby, Portman spent up to eight hours a day training to prep for her role in Black Swan — so hiking with an infant must be
    a breeze.
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  • Catherine Bell 10 of 13
    Catherine Bell
    Exercising with a new baby is made a lot easier with a little extra help — in the form of a baby carrier, that is. "When I first had Gemma and needed to get back in shape fast, I would put her in the baby carrier across my chest and hop on our elliptical," Army Wives star Catherine Bell said in an interview with What to Expect. "She would fall right asleep, and the extra eight pounds were intense."
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  • Angelina Jolie 11 of 13
    Angelina Jolie
    The superstar mom of six is proof that video games aren't just for kids. According to OK! magazine, Jolie uses a portable Nintendo DS to play Let's Pilates! while she's on the road. "The kids were convincing her that video games were more than just fun," a source close to Jolie said, according to OK! magazine. "They explained to her you can do anything from practice math to learn to read music and exercise. ... She tries to get in an hour of Pilates three times a week. She's picking it up pretty quickly and is already at the hardest setting!"
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  • Kristi Yamaguchi 12 of 13
    Kristi Yamaguchi
    It's not surprising that the Olympic gold medalist's daughters love to skate, but their Dancing With the Stars mama strives to come up with other fun exercises, too. In an interview with Spry Living, Yamaguchi said: "It's all about trying to make it fun. We live on a hilly road so we walk the street up the hill. We write down a list of things to find on the walk — kind of like a scavenger hunt. It may be a cat or yellow flowers. It's a way to get us out in the fresh air and moving around."
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  • Chyler Leigh 13 of 13
    Chyler Leigh
    Even if you don't budget working out into your day, sometimes exercise happens on its own, says Grey's Anatomy star Chyler Leigh. "Chasing after the children is my best workout," the mom of three told What to Expect. "This is going to sound bad, but you can literally lift your kids like dumbbells."
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