Letterman's Take on Leno and Conan - Video


obrien-conan-jay-lenoLong before NBC and Jay Leno were toying around with Conan O’Brien and his young family they spent a lot of time and money to make David Letterman’s life a living nightmare.  Dave landed on his feet.

Last night Letterman addressed the issues at hand, namely that Conan O’Brien is being forced to uproot his wife, kids and career all over America at the whim of a bunch of suits.  The same suits, apparently, that find Jay Leno to be funny despite the numbers suggesting people in pajamas don’t.

Here’s Dave:

It makes me wonder, as a father, to what lengths would I go to follow my dream if it meant hardship and something akin to embarrassment for my wife and kids; and when said dream was crushed by Jay Leno would I be big enough not to key his car collection?

My suggestion, since nobody asked, put the question to us, the parents that have one precious hour of alone time to spend in front of the TV while we let the day unwind and sleep kick in – who do we want to tuck us in at night?

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