Levi and Bristol Used Classic Kid-Tactics to Hide Relationship from Sarah Palin



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Levi Johnston may be taking on more responsibility than ever (hello diapers and health insurance premiums!), but at heart, Levi and Bristol Palin are truly just kids. RadarOnline reveals that the newly-engaged Alaskan duo have been largely living together in Anchorage for some time, and hiding their co-habitation from Sarah Palin. How’ve they been hiding it? The same way your kids hide their bad behavior. 

The minute they hear the senior Palin’s car pull up to Bristol’s apartment, “Levi escapes out the back door and waits for a text from Bristol to tell him the coast is clear!” a source tells Radar. The source explains that Bristol and Levi have been on “high alert,” since Sarah stops by unannounced to visit grandson Tripp.

Sneaking out the back door? It’s exactly how I used to get the riff raff out of my house in high school when my parents came home early. Adults, on the other hand, might simply explain to their parents that they have a guest over. Or might even introduce said parent to said guest, “Hi mom. I know you’re not a fan of Levi’s, but I’m an adult and a mother now, and I’m making my own decisions about the company I keep.” It’s yet another reminder that these two young celebs are barely out of high school. Let’s keep that in mind as we criticize their decisions from now on.

And taking the engagement to the press, prior to announcing it to Bristol’s family? I’d like to say that’s childlike, too, but it seems to be par for the course in Hollywood these days.

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