Levi Johnston Does It With Protection (Video)


levi-johnston-and-baby-tripp-gq-220x300With his own Ben Folds song and now his own pistachio commercial, Ricky Hollywood, I mean Levi Johnston is most definitely on his way to the big time now. In his first breakout performance since moving to Hollywood, Alaska’s favorite baby daddy is the star of a nut commercial hitting the small screen today.

In the commercial, Levi is seen busting cracking a nut with a bodyguard watching on to make sure that all of Levi’s future baby mamas don’t trample and maul him to death. Classy.

It looks like Meghan McCain owes Levi an apology. Levi’s refusal to go quietly into the obscurity of the fatherhood in the Alaskan wilderness is finally getting him some work.

He’s making his way up in the world of acting. Soon, he’ll probably have his own hunting show or celebrity line of handguns or something. Then, instead of living on welfare in the shadow of the former governor, Levi will be able to fly his son to Hollywood and show him all the glory of life on the D-List.