Levi Johnston Ignores Bristol Palin's Accusation of Being an Absent Father

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Levi Johnson ignores Bristol Palin's accusation that he is an absent father

There’s been a war of the words between Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston but it’s only one-sided.

Recently Bristol has said Levi is an absentee father.  Rather than fight back, Levi is not responding.

Bristol recently told a radio station that “since Dancing With the Stars [Levi’s] seen [his son] at most three times.”

Levi’s manager, Tank Johnson, denied her allegations and said Levi spends as much time with his two-year-old as he can.

He also had some choice words for the Palin family, which he expressed to

“The Palins need to take the high road. There’s a child involved in this and Levi is not going to stoop to this level,” he said. “The Palins like to fight. They can say whatever they want to say.

“But Levi is not going to dignify their comments with a response.”

As for the rumor that Bristol wants to change Tripp’s last name from Johnston to Palin, Tank said that wasn’t going to happen.  Bristol even posted this on her Facebook page: “Tripp Easton Mitchell Palin… PALIN!!!”

A close to Palin confirmed that there won’t be a legal name change:

“That will not be happening, legally that would actually take a lot of work and despite all the rumors Bristol and Levi are actually getting along pretty well just now.”

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