Levi Johnston May Be A Guest Star On SNL 11/14


levi-johnston-and-baby-tripp-gqThere are 3 certainties in this life: death, taxes, and the fact that if you give SNL enough material, they will spoof you. Celebrity baby daddy and Palin arch-nemesis Levi Johnston has certainly done that. With a Ben Fold’s song to his credit, numerous embarrassing web postings and a Playgirl photo shoot slated for this week — I can only imagine what kind of skit SNL writers might be working up for Levi.

Adding another grammatically embarrassing web posting to his record, this is a tweet from Levi’s (real) account yesterday morning:

“BREAKING NEWS !!!! SNL APPEARANCE THIS SAT . .. were you hear it first !!!”

Some speculators are predicting Levi’s appearance will be made during the Weekend Update, joined by Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. Considering the other crazy things that Levi has going on right now, I think the Palin feud is probably the least funny.

I’m predicting a scene somehow related to his Playgirl shoot. There’s just no getting around it.