Levi Johnston Misses His "Funky" Baby


hot hollywood 3 191109While he’s doing his whole “Ricky Hollywood” thing, stripping down for Playgirl, and dishing on his ex-almost-in-laws, Levi Johnson is missing his son. In Hollywood to promote his nudie spread -which will be unveiled this weekend – Johnston has 10-month-old Tripp on his mind. 

At the GQ Man of the Year party and no, he was not the honoree Levi said his son is already taking after dear old dad.

“He is very funky. He’s got a lot of energy. He’s always looking to mess things up, break things. He’s crazy.”

When asked what the best thing about being a dad is he said, “Just the excitement of watching him grow up. There’s a lot of responsibilities you take on. I became a teenager and I grew up really fast.”

“Ricky Hollywood” is now a man.