Levi Johnston Talks Bristol Palin and DWTS


Add to the list of people who are shocked–and some appalled–that Bristol Palin has officially joined the season 11 cast of Dancing With The Stars. Palin’s ex and baby daddy to son Tripp, Levi Johnston, claimed he’s super surprised she decided to join the show, according to TMZ.

Johnston said he and Palin never danced together while they were a couple–but then again, isn’t the show supposed to be for stars who aren’t big dancers to begin with? Perhaps that’s too complicated a detail for Johnston to handle–especially seeing as his hands are full with his campaign to be the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

Though Johnston has said he’s supportive of his ex and has “nothing but warm wishes” for Palin, who will be dancing with pro Mark Ballas in the competition. Palin recently relocated to Los Angeles for the show, bringing baby Tripp along–and even hiring a nanny to help out when she has her dancing shoes on.


Photo: Brabus,