Levi Johnston's Tweets Get Shatner'd (Video)


levi_johnston_shirtless-diapersConan O’Brien has apologized to infamous baby daddy and his attorney after teaming up with William Shatner to make fun of Levi for postings made on what turned out to be a fake Levi Johnston Twitter account. To make up for it, Conan invited Shatner back on the Tonight Show to make fun of some verified, authentic Levi Johnston tweets.

Following the airing last Wednesday night, Levi and his lawyers threatened a lawsuit against the Tonight Show for its misrepresentation — which you can tell by Conan’s response was taken very seriously by NBC. Twitter also responded by taking down the imposter’s account. It’s sad, because those tweets were absolutely genius.

Both the original tonight show bit and the follow up are posted below. Enjoy.

Levi just can’t seem to stay out of the news these days, and that’s probably a good thing for his hype-based career. His recent allegations that Sarah Palin refers to her mentally disabled son Trigg as “retarded” recently earned him tons of face time. Then, of course, there’s his upcoming Playgirl photo shoot.