Levi Johnston Transforming Into Ricky Hollywood?



Will the caterpillar that is infamous Alaskan baby daddy Levi Johnston be able to transform into a butterfly? That’s the plan anyway, and his agent has even created a sophisticated alter-ego named Ricky Hollywood to help Levi get his acting and modeling off the ground.

According to his press agent:

“Johnston’s interest in a show business represents one of the few viable careers open to him, Jones adds. A high-school dropout passionate about hunting and hockey, Johnston, 19, “is going to go and take the test and finish school and enroll in some college courses,” his manager says. “[But] it’s not like he can go and get a normal job now. Because of all the publicity. The whole interviewing thing, and red carpet and paparazzi he still hasn’t gotten comfortable with it, but what else does he have? Can he go work at McDonald’s? … He wants to take care of his son financially.”

Jones, an Anchorage private investigator and press rep, is counseling his oft-rumpled young charge to think about a more glamorous look and has urged him to assume a playful new identity a.k.a “Ricky Hollywood” when it comes to style and attitude. “We came up with an alter ego,” explains Jones. “As in, ‘Ricky Hollywood would iron his shirt.’ ”

Personally, I’m not really buying into the whole “Ricky Hollywood” idea. Hope it works out for him, but I think he’s a lot better suited to host a hunting and fishing show on the Outdoor Channel.