Levi Says Sarah Palin Resigned Due To Marital Problems


Levi Johnston and Kathy GriffinAlthough many of us believe that there’s something mysterious behind Sarah Palin’s resignation, the state’s First Baby Daddy thinks he knows exactly what’s going on behind the scenes. In an interview yesterday in Radar, Levi shared the two things he believes pushed Pailn to resign: money and marital problems.

So, there might have been something to those divorce rumors after all. When Levi was asked about whether he thinks Todd and Sarah are having marital problems he replied:

“Oh yeah. There have been from day one.”

Of course, you can say that about pretty much anyone who’s ever been married. Still, this guy definitely has definitely taken an up close and personal look into the inner workings of the Palin machine. Levi didn’t however lead on that he knew anything about a big juicy affair.

What makes even more sense, and what Levi originally pointed out, is that he believes that Sarah wants to cash in on her celebrity status. She’s got some hungry mouths to feed, a new special needs child, and a potential divorce to be thinking about. Says Levi:

“She took the money,” he said. “That’s what she’s talked about, that’s what I’m gathering and I think that’s what she’s doing.”

So far, nobody seems to know exactly what money Levis is talking about. There have been rumors about a talk show and a presidential run in 2012.