Liam Gallagher Straightens Up For The Kids


liam-gallagher-oasis-kids-familyLiam Gallagher wants to be a good dad. He’s had to change a lot of bad habits since his Oasis days to make it happen.

Liam said he: “has started looking after his body so he can be a good father to his three kids.”
“Everyday I’m up at 6am for a run and do a few miles across Hampstead Heath. I love it. I’ve definitely changed, I think for the better. You must remember I’ve caned it for 20 years with all sorts and I’ve got the kids now. I just took my foot off the gas a little with all the bits and bobs because you can’t be doing all that with the kids, it’s not fair on them. And I love being a dad. It’s the best thing in the world.”

“I’ve had a great time and now I’m having a break. It doesn’t work with kids. You wake up the next day after a session and you’re looking for bits of your kids’ homework and football boots. You’re all over the place it’s rubbish.”

Ah, well good for him. 20 years is a long time to abuse your body with a hard partying lifestyle. His kids are surely happy to have him home and involved.

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