Liam Neeson Still Struggles With Natasha's Death But Is Moving Forward



Actor Liam Neeson and his two sons, Micheál, 14, and Daniel, 12, are “taking each day as it comes,” as they learn to cope with the tragic death of their wife and mom, respectively, actress Natasha Richardson, who passed away in March from a brain injury after a skiing accident.

The Taken actor said he and his sons are “doing good.  We are still getting extraordinary condolence letters from American people.  That’s deeply, deeply touching.”

Neeson, 56, recently became an American citizen, more than 20 years after making the US his home.  He said the outpouring of caring and love inspired him to make those changes.

He added, “That is partly the reason that I have recently become an American citizen.  I was born in Northern Ireland but America has been very, very good to me.

“I am still a proud Irishman, but I have become an American citizen, and am very proud of that.”

Liam appeared on Good Morning America and it was the first public interview he had given since losing his wife.

Hope they find happiness once again and can smile fondly at their memories of Natasha.