Liev Schrieber: Actors Are The Best Parents


Liev Shrieber is a modest guy, but–he thinks actors make the best parents. He and actress Naomi Watts are the parents to son Alexander and Samuel Kai, and they seem to love the job. The family will be traveling to Spain and Thailand together while Watts films her movie The Impossible–talk about a family vacation!–and until then, are spending lots of family time in New York City.

Schreiber counts it as a plus that both parents are actors, counting their irregular schedules and hectic lives as preparing them well for parenthood. “The two of us can play longer than either of them,” he told People.

The dad recounted some of their favorite New York City play-time activities, including letting the kids ride bikes around town–with helmets of course–and playing “dinosaur” in the house. “It’s very cute,” he said. “We’re a very cute family.”

Shrieber is modest though, when it comes to who is better at the down-and-dirty fun-time parenting–and that, he said, is Watts. “Naomi is probably the best little kid that I’ve ever seen. She understands that to play with kids you have to get into the game,” he said.


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