Life Imitates Art: Falling in Love at the Movies


Who doesn’t need a little extra boost when it comes to believing in love? To celebrate today’s release of the new romantic comedy The Five Year Engagement, we bring you the story of a real-life proposal that is sure to melt your heart and restore your faith in relationships.

Yahoo’s Ultimate Surprises web-series showcases the biggest moments of everyday people’s lives. This week’s episode features Michael, a huge movie buff, who wants to propose to his girlfriend Erica, a fellow movie buff who is not expecting this surprise at all. We think you’ll agree that they couldn’t be more perfect for each other.

Michael and Erica met three years ago at a movie theater where they bonded over their experiences at film school.

“Since Erica came into my life, I’ve just been so happy…she’s given me more confidence. I feel free to really express myself,” says Michael.

Erica wanted to attend an advanced screening of The Five Year Engagement after finding out Jason Segal was going to do a Q&A in person. Segal, after all, is one of her favorite actors. Not only did Michael want to surprise his girlfriend with a hug from Segal, he thought it would be the ideal time to pop the question.

Segal, who seemed delighted to go along with the surprise, says, “I don’t know if there’s only one person in the world for you, but it’s the one who finds you at exactly the right time.” Maybe true love really can happen like it does in the movies! Congrats to Michael and Erica!

– Tim Brodwater

Video courtesy of  Yahoo!

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