Like Father Like Daughter: Alexa Ray Joel Set To Release New Album


Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley’s daughter Alexa Ray Joel is picking up the pieces of her life and looking to make a name for herself in the music industry.

Alexa has been busy working on the album “All I Can Do,” set to be released this coming September. That’s stressful for anyone, but when your father is a music legend, it’s especially tough. “I’m his daughter, I’m going to be compared to a rock and roll legend, that’s huge. I’m not gonna say it’s not scary – it is,” she said. “If I can be half as good of an artist as him, if I can write a melody he somewhat thinks is good, great, I’m doing okay. To him, it’s like, you’re gonna be fine, kid.”

Alexa was recently in the news for a suicide attempt this past December after a break-up with her boyfriend. At the time she said, “I wasn’t trying to hurt myself, I wasn’t trying to kill myself. I was panicked. I was not thinking clearly at all. When you’re in that much pain you’ll just do whatever you can to get it to go away.”

Alexa certainly seems like she has moved on. She is reportedly dating Cass Dilon, the guitarist on her first single, “Notice Me.”


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