Like Good Catholics: Bill And Giuliana Rancic Baptize Their Son Edward Duke

Bill and Giuliana Rancic

When it comes to their family, it looks like Bill and Giuliana Rancic want to keep old-school traditions alive. The reality television stars and new celebrity parents have recently celebrated the baptism of their 2-month-old son, Edward Duke.

“Special Sunday for me & @BillRancic…Baby Duke is getting baptized!!! He looks like an angel in his christening gown. #specialday,” Giuliana tweeted.

You know, I actually applaud Bill and Giuliana for upholding their religious values and doing what they believe is right for their son. As a former C&E Catholic (meaning I only went to mass on Christmas and Easter), I didn’t fully realize the importance of family and religious traditions until I introduced them to my children and wanted to give them some sort of spiritual foundation, even if it is a rather small one.

Tell us Babble readers, do you think it is still important to uphold religious traditions for your children? Is there anything special that your family does? And in the meantime, to see a photo of Edward’s baptism, check it out here!

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