Lil Wayne Goes To Court



Will Lil Wayne be free to see his two babies (from two different mothers) come into the world, or locked up serving a prison sentence? He came one step closer to finding out today, when he appeared at a pretrial hearing in Yuma, AZ for drug possession and weapons misconduct.

The big day is set for August 11th, where Lil Wayne and his attorneys will make their next move.

Since his arrest, Dwayne Carter has managed to fill the queue with not one, but two babies on the way: the first, a son with finacee Nivea, and his second, another son with actress Lauren London.

Both due dates seem to fall pretty close to one another. Oops. but to make the timing even more complicated, Lil Wayne’s now going to have to juggle another court date — and possibly a trial soon thereafter — all at the time the babies are due.

Dwyane was arrested at a border checkpoint in early 2008, where Border Patrol agents found cocaine, ecstacy, and a handgun on his tour bus.

His lawyers have apparently cooked up a crazy defense that involves going after the K9 unit. Supposedly, they plan to argue that the dogs weren’t trained properly, which would make the search illegal.

So, the father of two (soon to be four) is basing his freedom on a hail mary, Johnny Cochran style defense. Nice. The guy’s brave, I’ll give that to him.