Lil Wayne Green and Gold Lyrics: A Weezy Song Your Kids Could Almost Listen To!

lil wayne green and gold lyrics
Lil Wayne Declares His Cheesehead Love with Green and Gold

Lil Wayne is taking his love for the Green Bay Packers up a notch with his new anthem “Green and Gold” dropping just days before the big Super Bowl.    While most of Weezy’s songs are so not kid appropriate, this is one song that they can almost listen to!

Listen to Lil Wayne’s Green and Gold….

When I say your kids can almost listen to Lil Wayne performing Green and Gold, there are certain parts that are perfectly kid friendly like the chorus which goes:

“Pull up in your town, when you see me you know everything
Green and yellow, Green and yellow
Green and yellow, Green and yellow
I put it down, representin’ for my team
I’m in green and yellow, Green and yellow
Green and yellow, Green and yellow”

And then there’s the typical Weezy potty mouth throughout the song although it is much tamer than some of his other hits.  You can read the entire Lil Wayne Green and Gold Lyrics here.