Lil Wayne Green and Yellow: Packers Ode Ain't a Diss Song? Say What?


The second line of the Lil Wayne Green and Yellow says “this ain’t a diss song” and he reiterated that “fact” at the end of the song too. But really?  He may claim that it’s not a diss song but looking at the lyrics, there is sure is some dissin’ going down.

What did he say? Here are some highlights:

“Terrible towels, that sh*t’s borin’
We got the ball, you know we scorin'”

“Pitt goin’ down, say hello to the devil”

“Just beat the Bears, now we got the Steelers on the schedule”

” Steel Curtain? What is that, velvet?”

He ends the song with, “Yeah, like I said, this ain’t a diss song. I just love my team, that’s the team with them big Gs on the helmet”

You can hear the song right here or check out the complete lyrics right here. What do you think? A diss or not?